Intramural volleyball spikes in popularity


New intramural volleyball players huddle together to discuss their game strategies.

Nicole Friend, staff writer

With the amount of attention the boys’ volleyball game gets during homecoming week,Ryan Palach knew starting an intramural volleyball club would be something everyone could join. “I knew a bunch of people had an interest in it, so I might as well start one,” said Palach.

Starting the intramural volleyball club was a process. “First I had to have Mr. Pettinger check to make sure we could get gym time, also I asked Mrs. Overbo to use her room for our meeting to send the word out, and make a schedule and find a start date [after spring break]” said Palach.

The club has had promising feedback. “We had over 50 people sign up at the meeting, but our teams are still coming in, so I don’t know how many we will have yet but the turnout has been great,” said Palach.

Students seem to be excited for the upcoming intramural season. “The club is a great idea. A lot of people are interested in it; it should be really fun,” said senior volleyball player Ellen Carisch.

With so many people signed up there will be lots of competition, and kids who stay after school will have something exciting to watch. “The games will be Tuesdays and Thursdays after school,” said Palach.

This new club will have a different meaning for every student and will offer a great opportunity to have fun with their classmates “I wasn’t ready to leave volleyball so the intramural will be a fun way to end my volleyball career and play with people I’ve never had the opportunity to play with before. Playing with boys should be interesting too,” said Carisch.

There is still time to sign up and join the intramural volleyball club, and after spring break the action begins.