“Wasting Light” won’t waste your time

Wasting Light wont waste your time

The first single of the album dropped about a month prior to the release and it is by far the best song on the album.

Maddie Hibbs, Staff Writer

Since the early 90’s the Foo Fighters have been producing spectacular records, after waiting four years to release their latest record, “Wasting Light” finally hit stores on April 12, 2011, marking the return of a previous Foo Fighters member, Pat Smear.

Grohl is the power source of the Foo Fighters––having previous drummed for Nirvana––he now takes over by providing vocals, guitars, drums, and piano for the band. But the members still make the bands sound come alive, Nate Mendel’s propulsive bass,Taylor Hawkins intense drum beats and Chris Shifflet’s impressive guitar solos compliment Grohl’s virtuosity.

Recorded in Dave Grohls garage, “Wasting Light” combines all of the factors that make a Foo Fighter album complete, catchy lyrics, pop-rock songs and amazing guitar solo’s, the Foo Fighters are definitely not wasting their talent on this record.

The first single of the album dropped about a month prior to the release and it is by far the best song on the album. “Rope” provides the classic strumming patterns and voice ranges that every fan can identify as the Foo Fighters. “Rope” brings back the days of the old Foo Fighters, days when the “Colour and the Shape” really mattered.

“Bridge Burning” starts off the album and sets the stage for the old Foo Fighters music, successfully combining their guitar shredding solo’s with majestic acoustics melodies that are easier to listen to. This album will bring the Foo Fighters back into the spotlight after their long four year break.

While half the songs on the album talk about death and dying there are those few songs that produce a significant change in tempo and lyrics, and provide inspirational messages, like songs such as “Walk” with the repeating chorus “Learning to Walk again,” and songs like “Dear Rosemary” about girls that got away.

The newest sound for the Foo Fighter is shown in the song “I Should Have Known,” which incorporates violins, and other orchestral instruments along with Grohl’s surprisingly soft voice. The song develops into a more alternative sound which is completely different from the other songs on the album.