Forsythe skis to Junior Olympics


Mitchell Forsythe competes in the 2011 Freestyle Junior Olympics for the third time.

Taylor Kenyon, staff writer

With only six years of experienced skiing and only three years skiing competitively, junior Mitchell Forsythe participated in both the slope style and aerials competitions at the 2011 Freestyle Skiing Junior Olympics held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Forsythe’s skiing career first started as hobby six years ago. “I started skiing at Hyland a lot, and one day I started going off the jumps. Then I decided to join the competitive freestyle team at Hyland about three years ago,” said Forsythe.

Ever since, Forsythe has been training year round and skiing in at least five competitions each year. “In the summer some trampoline training then when the slopes open up in the winter I begin practice again,” said Forsythe.

Forsythe quilified for the Junior Olympics after his first year of competitive skiing making this his third apearence at the event. In order to receive and invitation to the Junior Olympics, Forsythe had to achieve a rank among the top 50 male skiers in the nation. “I had a really good season this year, and I got to ski in Colorado,” said Forsythe.

In preparation for the Junior Olympic competiiton, Forsythe attended two three-hour-long training days. During this time he planned the run he would perform in Colorado. “At the competition you get two runs, the first is just a practice run to figure out your speed and just get a feel for the course. Then the second run is your competition run which you get judged on,” said Forsythe.

Forsythe competed in both the slope style and aerial competitions. Each of his runs were judged out of 100 points. Overall, Forsythe placed 29th in slope style and 18th in aerial. “This was my third year at the Junior Olympics, but this is the best I have ever done,” said Forsythe.

As Forsythe begins the cycle of training again, he already looks forward to participating in the Junior Olympics again next year. The once hobby of skiing will definitely become part of this young athlete’s future. “I probably won’t go pro or anything, but I hope to go to college in Colorado so that I can continue skiing out there,” said Forsythe.