Students inducted into World Language Honor Society

Katie Sisk

A group of students received recognition for their hard work and dedication to learning about the languages and cultures of French, Latin, or Spanish. They were given certificates of membership at the World Language Honor Society induction ceremony on Tuesday, April 19. To earn membership, students need a 3.5 grade point average overall and 3.7 grade point average in the language while demonstrating leadership and interest in the language and culture.

The society honors students who excel in more than the standard curriculum. “We just feel that it is important to celebrate not only students who do well in school but also those who excel in another language,” said Ms. Katherine McDonald, a Spanish teacher.

These students not only do well in class, but also have a passion for the language and care about the culture. “It gives me a way to show that I really do care about Spanish because I do, and sometimes I don’t think people know that,” said sophomore Shannon Kraemer.