Freshmen teach ballroom dance

Dana Buckhorn, staff writer

While most freshman boys shy away from the very idea of dancing, Max Preus and Callaghan Commers venture past the stereotype as they teach ballroom dance to kids grades three through eight at the Wayzata Country Club.

Preus and Commers take an optimistic approach to their unlikely hobby. “It’s a really great experience,” said Commers. “[Ballroom dancing] is a lot more fun than people would expect.”

Both Preus and Commers began their association with the world of dance as fussy third graders forced into participation by their parents. Their views of the art were quickly refined as they came to terms with the beneficial qualities dance has to offer. “At first our parents had to force us to go to the class, but after a few years we began to really like it and decided to keep doing it on our own,” said Commers.

From protégés to teachers, the freshmen hope to instill a similar love of dance in their students. Their combined 12 years of dance have Preus and Commers assured that the class offers value in many aspects of life and promotes lasting skills that will prove to be beneficial later in their lives. “I feel that dance and etiquette are important social skills that young people today overlook,” said Preus. “Plus, if you need to dance with a pretty girl, you’re set.”

This––as most would label––hobby has outgrown that title for Preus and Commers, as they choose to regard it as a resumé-builder rather than a job or pastime. “It’s fun and it will look good on my resumé. There are really no downfalls,” said Preus.