Flyers have high hopes for State

Paige Erickson, staff writer

After upsetting the number one seed, Wayzata, on Saturday March 5, the SLP Flyers, a Jr. Gold hockey team comprised of 20 players (all but two BSM students) hope to continue their winning streak at the State tournament this weekend.

The Flyers is a club team that allows players who choose to not play at the high school level to still be able to play in a competitive league. With competition running high, the team has a solid record of 21 wins, 11 losses, and 3 ties going into the State tournament.

The continuation of the Flyers’ season all depended on the outcome of Regionals, where they received the number one seed going into the State Tournament. “In the Regional tournament you have to win two games to make it to State, and we won our first and second,” said senior Alex Brask.

Since the win on March 5, the team holds nightly practices to get ready for the big tournament ahead, where they play their first game against Grand Rapids on March 18. “We have played Grand Rapids three times this year and beat them each time,” said Brask, “I definitely think we’ll win our first game. We had a lot of momentum throughout the Regional tournament because we beat the number one seeded team, so I think we have a pretty good shot at winning the whole thing.”

The boys are quite excited to make it this far. “We are feeling pretty strong, having upset the number one seed in regions,” said senior captain Mack Saunders.

The majority of the team made an interesting and colorful tradition in celebration of their advancement to State. Bleach blonde hair is a sure sign of the players from the Flyers. “A few people didn’t dye their hair because they are too cool and too beautiful for it,” said senior Henry Williams.

From practices to hair dye, the Flyers seem to have their heads in the right place. “We can definitely win it. We have to be in the right mind set and show up to the rink to play,” said Saunders.