Students participate in World Language Week

Kelly Dwyer

For one week each year BSM explores new cultures during World Language Week. This year World Language Week was Feb 28 to March 4 and students were able to see a flamenco presentation, a La Pétanque, listen to international music in lunch, and eat foods from all over the world.

Each language that BSM offers––Spanish, French, and Latin––does different things to celebrate World Language Week. “Months ago we started to plan for this. All of the language teachers get together and brainstorm things to do during the week. We try to do whatever we can not to disrupt the schedule, and we do have a limited budget,” said Madame Mary Jo Hyde, French teacher.

This year the French students got to explore different aspects of the French culture each day. “On Monday in my class the Amity scholar Jamila did a presentation of her life. On Tuesday we did a Latin/ French teacher switch. On Wednesday we had a La Pétanque presentation, and on Thursday during my class Jamila taught students French dances from YouTube,” said Madame Hyde.

This year the highlight of the French students’ week was the La Pétanque presentation, which happens every other year. “La Pétanque is like bocce ball in the US. We have two players from the Club d’Acier in Minneapolis come and do a demo for the students. They taught the students ten vocab words that have to do with the game, and then let the students play in the auxiliary gym,” said Madame Hyde.

While the French students watched their demonstration on Wednesday, the Spanish students went to a Flamenco presentation on Monday. “It was exciting to see an authentic Spanish dance. They taught the history of the flamenco and its importance in Spain,” said Mr. Adam Groebner, Spanish teacher.

This year Latin didn’t do very much for World Language Week. “Different years we do different things, like last year we had all the students go to a traditional Latin Mass. This year, because we had other things to do, all I did was teach German to my students one day so they could get a taste of a new language,” said Latin teacher Rob Epler.

All three lunches were altered for World Language Week to make learning about cultures more exciting. “I was in charge of collecting international music from students and teachers, and I made five CDs that were played during lunch,” said Mr. Groebner. “Also the lunch menu was altered to sample food from different locations.”