Father Ray East enlightens students

Taylor Kenyon

This year Father Ray Easy spent two days in February with the BSM community speaking to several groups of students––including the Peer Ministers and students of color––and celebrating services with both the junior high and senior high grades.

Father Ray shared Mass with the junior high on Feb. 8, and on the next day, he joined the senior high for a prayer service. Many students enjoyed his energetic presence and unique style at both services. “I think he is the most soulful person I have ever met,” said sophomore Nicole Sarquis.

Many students had long awaited Father Ray’s arrival as they do every year, junior Liz Tyhaz, a faithful fan of Father Ray, continually finds herself with a strong connection to his sermons. “I really like the fact that he makes prayer more interesting with improvisation, and that it’s not as set in stone,” said Tyhaz.

Father Ray’s strong commitment to his yearly visits has left a noticeable, positive impression upon the student body, so noticeable that Mrs. Barbara Ushold-Anderson, BSM’s new Liturgy Coordinator, knew the importance that Father Ray visits hold in the community. “He exudes a presence of calm and excitement at the same time. He is down to earth and authentic. He is honest about who he is and what he wants, and he wants to share his love of God and love of Jesus with the students,” said Mrs. Uschold-Anderson.

After the senior high prayer service, Father Ray spoke to the senior peer ministers. Father Ray shared his admiration for the peer minister program and how much of an impact peer ministers have on the lives they touch in the community. “He taught us that nothing is coincidence and that everything happens for a reason. He also talked to us about how God has a game plan for all of us,” said senior Kackie Dankbar.

Father Ray participated in a luncheon with many students of color to celebrate black history month. The group discussed issues of diversity within the BSM community, and they also brainstormed solutions that would improve the BSM’s diversity.

Señora Lidibette Rosado-Guzmán spoke with Father Ray about the possibility of organizing a mission trip to Father Ray’s community. “We aren’t sure how it’s all going to happen yet, but we want to get a group of students together to help the people that are struggling in his community. We would help in anyway, whether that be picking up trash or working with the youth,” said Señora Guzmán.