Changes made to Technology Department

Giulia Imholte

Whenever a staff member resigns it can lead to an obvious need for structural changes in both staffing and operations. Such changes were necessary in the Benilde St. Margaret’s technology department after Mr. Don Aslett, a member of the department for six years, resigned at the end of first semester.

Mr. Aslett, who worked as a consultant prior to his job as BSM’s Director of Network Administration, played a major role in getting the one-to-one laptop program up and running. “He helped in terms of the infrastructure and how the wireless works. He was very talented in terms of network administration and his technical skills,” said Dr. Sue Skinner, senior high principal.

Following his resignation, most faculty members believe that Mr. Aslett was planning to return to his consulting business. “He was looking for new challenges. After he finished the laptop project, he just wanted to move on. But, we all wish him luck with his consulting business,” said Dr. Skinner.

In light of Mr. Aslett’s absence, the BSM administration has found a new way to deal with network problems. “We’re now working with another company for our network administration because a lot of that can be done off-site. It’s a local company called SCC (Success Computer Consulting), so if something happens to our network they can fix it, but we only have to pay for when they are servicing it,” said Dr. Skinner.

Some staffing changes have been made in order to make up for the loss of Mr. Aslett. Mr. Nicholas Gamache was promoted to technology manager, and is now in charge of day to day operations. “I oversee the technology in the school and its vendors as well as fix what needs to be fixed if I have the capability. If I can’t fix it myself, I will coordinate with all the vendors,” said Mr. Gamache.

This new position builds off the duties that Mr. Gamache had prior to Mr. Aslett’s resignation. “I used to coordinate the help desk and maintaining the Macbook computer deployment; now what has been added are the local area network and wide area network technologies,” said Mr. Gamache.