Bounce into Skyzone: indoor trampoline park

Connor Reis, staff writer

Sky Zone is arguably the best place in Plymouth to hang out with friends while getting a better workout than you’ve probably gotten in quite a while. This trampoline-oriented gymnasium contains not only a massive dodge-ball court, but also a foam pit for doing ridiculous tricks and open areas for jumping around like an idiot.

Upon entering Sky Zone, everyone receives a fashionable pair of Sky Zone high-tops to wear along with a waiver that must be signed before entering. Minors be warned: A parent’s signature is required for anyone under the age of 18 before being given a sticker for admission to this trampoline-lover’s heaven.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have a trampoline in your backyard as a kid, look no further. Sky Zone is the best place to jump around with plenty of other teenagers who didn’t get enough trampoline time as kids. Many participants spend their time in this trampoline gymnasium doing flips into the foam pit, while others aimlessly jump in the open areas.

3D Dodge-ball is the perfect solution for anyone who wishes that physical education didn’t simply disappear after sophomore year. Going to Sky Zone during the day is a good way to learn the basics of the game, even if that means playing against kids as young as eight or nine years old.

The 16+ nights on Saturdays are where the competition gets heated. The rules are identical to what every student is forced to endure in gym class. The biggest addition to the game is the challenge of hitting someone who is jumping six feet up in the air; the added height factor turns dodge-ball into an entirely new game.

Sky Zone’s admission prices vary, but the two prices worth remembering are as follows: One hour of Open Jump is $12, and their 16+ ‘SkyJam’ nights, which are held from 10:00-11:30pm on Saturdays, are $15 and include pizza and a drink.

In a world where fun is somehow commonly found sitting in a sticky movie theater chair, Sky Zone is a refreshing addition to the average teenager’s list of Saturday night activities. Being hit in the face by a dodge-ball has never been so much fun, even if it’s thrown by a cocky eight year-old kid. If it really hurts your feelings, you can always show him that you’re better at doing front flips into the foam pit than he is.