Honeywell Leadership Academy offers unique experience

Maddy Kennedy, staff writer

Although many students are enrolled in BSM’s Advanced Competitive Science classes, few, if any, will have the opportunity that was given to sophomore Liza Magill, who traveled to the NASA space center in Huntsville, Alabama during the last week of February to participate in the Honeywell Leadership Academy.

After discovering the opportunity at Honeywell through her mother, Magill applied and was later accepted to participate in the weee-long program. “We worked at the University of Huntsville practicing leadership and teamwork skills,” said Magill. She and others involved in the leadership program participated in high and low ropes courses.

Magill has always enjoyed her math and science classes and hopes to add to her knowledge during the week that she will spend at NASA. “I really like math, science, and engineering. I’m in ACS right now, and it’s great,” said Magill, who is planning on studying engineering in college.

In addition to leadership training, Magill also spent time at the Space Center participating in flight simulations, biomedical engineering exercises, and rocket building.

Magill found the overall experience enjoyable, entertaining, and educational. “I like leadership and learning about space. More than anything, I liked learning about engineering and how it can be applied to different real life situations,” said Magill.