Student pursues musical dreams

Giulia Imholte, staff writer

During high school, many students are still unsure what they want to do with their lives. This decision is easy for some, like Thomas Gorrilla who has recently joined the ranks of other Benilde-St. Margaret’s students in the pursuit of a musical career.

Sophomore Thomas Gorrilla’s recently established Facebook page, Thomas Gorrilla (TG), hosts his most recent songs. But his interest in music, particularly hip-hop and rap, dates back further. “I used to mess around with beats and pre-made stuff in the seventh grade, but then I started to figure everything out more and understand what I was doing,” said Gorrilla.

Gorrilla posted his first beat to Facebook about 4 months ago, and from there he progressed to writing his own songs. “The song ‘Success’ that I made, it started off as just a beat, but then I added the lyrics and everything. I only have about five or six good, legit songs,” said Gorrilla.

He looks up to rappers like Drake, Mac Miller, Sam Adams, and Jason Ferber, a BSM alum. “They give me some of the style I do sometimes. But, I don’t want to throw out punchlines every line, I like to make a story with my music,” said Gorrilla.

Despite his love for music, Gorrilla has other priorities as well; he plays soccer and basketball and runs track in the spring. “I have to focus on school so I can’t be working with music 24/7. Plus, I still use my computer for recording, so I’ve been saving up to get recording equipment,” said Gorrilla.

From day one, word of Gorrilla’s musical pursuits spread fast. “I make sure I like what I made first, and then I’ll give it to my friends. I show friends from other schools so they can spread it around too. But, at the same time, I don’t want other people messing with what I’ve made,” said Gorrilla.

When discussing his hobby, Gorrilla has a grounded view of his future in music. “Music is an option, something in production would be cool. I don’t need to be a famous rapper. I don’t have to be the one that’s always in the limelight, but it’d be really cool.”