Students nominated for triple A scholarship award


Seniors Julie Flannery and Nils Swensen were nominated for the Triple A award.

Shannon Cron, photographer

Receiving nominations for the 2011 Triple A award, seniors Nils Swenson and Julie Flannery are proud to be recognized for their outstanding work in the classroom, athletic arena, and in the area of fine arts.

Flannery said she feels accomplished, especially since she sincerely cares about her activities. “I figured I had a decent shot, considering there aren’t that many people who participate in sports and arts while still having a high GPA,” said Flannery.

Put on the by the Minnesota State High School League, the award seeks students who participate and excel in all three areas and awards the finalist a four-year $1000 scholarship. “We go through a list of students, pick out those who are eligible, and then consult the students’ coaches and counselors,” said Director of Alumni Relations Ms. Mary Fran O’Keefe, who helps to select the BSM candidates.

Participating in varsity swimming, debate, speech, as well as maintaining a high GPA, Swenson has a strong will to learn and succeed. “I stay conscience of learning,” said Swenson. “I’m not going to waste my time in school if I’m not learning anything, so I continue to do the homework and score well on the tests so that I know that I am still acquiring knowledge that could be useful in the future.”

Flannery thrives on the variety of her schedule, which includes varsity softball and speech. “I’m the kind of person who needs to be busy,” said Flannery. “I like being involved in many activities, so I don’t get bored from spending all my time on one thing.”

Throughout all of her involvement, the arts prove to be Flannery’s favorite “A.” “Art is something I do purely for enjoyment,” said Flannery. “Art classes are relaxing for me, I love the independence of receiving a project and then being able to work on it on your own time, however you want to go about it.”

Swenson and Flannery first heard of their nomination on the 6th hour announcements. “When I went to pick up my message, Ms. O’Keefe handed me the nomination form,” said Flannery. “I had to fill out an application and write some essays.”

The finalist from each region will soon be selected Minnesota State High School League regional secretary (one boy and one girl from each region). “I would be happy if I won,” said Swenson. “It’s always nice to get scholarships to help pay for college.”