Singing the ‘choir kid’ blues


Senior Paige Erickson used to shine in the spotlight, but now struggles in choir.

Paige Erickson, staff writer

For me singing has always been a major part of my life. Ever since I was five, I have starred in many plays in my kitchen, in my grade school’s amazing Christmas concerts, and let’s not forget my unforgettable appearances in “Into the Woods” as Cinderella, the most important in role in the whole play, and as a “Godspell” follower in the junior high plays.

When choosing my courses for senior year, I decided, “Hey, why not step back into the spotlight, and out of my closed shower curtain” and that’s when I registered for choir.

Choir: the ideal class for any senior with an unhealthy case of seniorititis, who needs to finish yesterday’s and the day before that’s and the day before that’s Pre-Calc assignments, and who has the tendency to wander the halls and buy four bags of cookies in one sitting. Well, at least that is what I thought my choir experience would entail.

Instead, four booklets of church hymns and annoying music with words I can barely pronounce land in my lap. Day after day. I had no idea there were so many words that could possibly rhyme with the word “ling,” or that there was a certain way you had to pronounce an “e” or an “et.”

One day while I tried to figure out what the difference between an A-sharp and an A-flat was, I watched my idols, my leaders, aka Mrs. Stockhaus’ favorites, waltz out of the room. When they left,I panicked, they had left me there to fend for myself, and that is when I became leader of the alto pack.

The piano began to play, Mrs. Stockhaus approached the basses and the song began, but my idols still were not back. Mrs. Stockhaus tried to lead me in with her fluid hand movements, but I was frozen. My glorious sound could not escape my mouth. I had lost my chance to shine, to show my true talent. Had I ruined my singing career?

In the end, that was not the incident which led to my choir career ending. Falling off the risers at our Christmas Concert showed the class, Mrs. Stockhaus and Mr. Lantz, all of the audience, and myself that it was not my time for stardom…at least not just yet.