The perfect combination

The perfect combination

Junior Anna Slayton shares a tender moment with her buddy in front of their matching lockers.

Anna Slayton, Staff Writer

About a month ago, my locker neighbor was forced by the school to stop hauling around his beloved backpack and actually learn his locker combination. Because it was already December and he hadn’t once opened his locker, he had issues remembering his combination, which is where I came in. He chose responsible me to memorize his combination, so I could remind him in his times of need.

Little did Zach know I was going to take advantage of being privy to his combo and use the locker as an extra to keep my coat, scarf, mittens, occasional hand warmers, extra sweatshirt and backpack (you know, the necessities) in.

The next month consisted of Zach grunting whenever he opened his locker to find my big red coat, along with my many other winter clothes, tucked inside. But he had barely anything to store in the little space BSM provides us, so I thought it was just my right to use his extra space. Why let it go to waste?

When I started using his locker, it was a little unsettling to look at his bland, boring locker next to my locker (which is filled with posters of pandas). Because of this, I took it upon myself to brighten up his locker (and subsequently his day) by adding excitement: more panda posters.

When Zach opened his locker following my redecoration, he was taken back by all the posters, though I know he secretly loves them because they are still hanging up.

The only thing that really bothers Zach about me stealing his locker is that, according to him, my friends are around my lockers at all times. But it’s really not my fault that I’m so popular that everyone swarms my lockers, so he shouldn’t punish me by taking away my second locker privileges…and I know that he loves all the girls flocking to his locker, even if it’s not necessarily because of him.

Despite the day-to-day bickering and occasional panda insults, I rather enjoy the five days a week where I get to spend the little passing time we have with my new best friend Zach (I decided we were best friends after he allowed me to occupy his locker.) And you can never have too many best friends, right? Especially when the newest one is your locker buddy, of course.