Catholic Schools Week offers students a break from winter blues

Taylor Kenyon

Every year amidst the winter blues comes Catholic Schools Week, a celebration of Catholic education across America filled with special events and a specific theme––BSM’s theme this year, “come follow me,” highlights the call to follow Jesus. Ms. Holly Hoey-Germann, head of BSM’s Catholic Schools Week Committee, planned several events for the week including a guest speaker alumni Corey Anderson, “He is good man, with a good heart, and a love for BSM. I picked him because we always hear about the stars, but he is just an average guy that is doing well because of his education from BSM,” said Ms. Hoey-Germann. During the week students enjoyed special lunch menus featuring a breakfast bar on Monday, doughnuts during homeroom on Wednesday, and an ice cream bar at lunch on Wednesday. On Tuesday morning students offered doughnuts and coffee to parents dropping off their children as a thank you for their sacrifices to send their children to Catholic school. The week will culminate with an all-school pep fest and an early release for students on Friday while BSM’s faculty will hold a teacher workshop.