Tech department offers unique opportunity for student

Ryan Lawyer, staff writer

Some may hate the daily strains of owning a computer, but to junior Josh Paquette, it’s a lifestyle. Paquette uses his knowledge of computer to work with the help desk, assisting them with the daily problems with the laptop program that arise with over 1400 computers in the school.

At the beginning of the year, Paquette offered to help the Director of Network Administration Don Aslett and the rest of the Tech Department in any way he could. They accepted the offer and have since been treating Paquette’s help in the Tech Department like any other extracurricular activity. “As long as he keeps his grades up, he can help us out,” said Mr. Aslett.

So far, Paquette has not worked out an official schedule for his work with the Tech Departement, but goes in when he can. Paquette tends to be the front line of helping; if he cannot help, he finds out who will be able to fix the problem and sends it to them. “He’s really good with triaging the problem, finding out what exactly the problem is,” said Mr. Aslett.

Paquette enjoys being with the guys in the Tech Department. “We have fun all the time, just joking back and forth trying to figure out a problem. Overall it’s probably one of the best places I’ve worked at a school for volunteering,” said Paquette.

Paquette plans to continue his career with computers after college. “We have 1400 computers at BSM, which is nice for Josh because he get the experience of being in the business,” said Mr. Aslett.