Wrestlers hit the mats

Keegan Swenson, staff writer

After losing Nick Tourville and Alex Peck, two of the most talented wrestlers in BSM’s history who won the school’s first state championship as singles, people have uncertain expectations for the wrestling team. However, with several young and talented new team members and a strong morale, they might be able to do it all over again.

The wrestling team, like any sports team, would seem to be severely weakened by the loss of its two best athletes; however, according to junior Neil Davis, that isn’t the case at all. “If anything, we are much more of a solid team this year. We are more rounded out with all of the solid young guys,” said Davis.

So far they have had one meet and one tournament. Senior captain Payton Goodrich describes the tournament as going “pretty well, several of the kids even ranked. Definitely a good start to the season.”

They have daily practices in the Haben Center with a new set-up and new equipment. “They re-did a lot of the room by putting up new ropes and new walls, but they aren’t close to done yet,” said Goodrich.

With several new members from the junior high and some new freshmen, the team is bigger than last year, which is to be expected. “We have somewhere around 20 kids now; it seems to go up a couple each year. The team is ever growing. But we all get along really well as a team. The new kids seem to fit in just fine,” said Goodrich.

As for the goals for the rest of this promising season, junior Neil Davis aims at not only State glory but has a more specific enemy in mind. “I think we have a real shot at getting over four people to go to State,” said Davis, “But the real goal would be to take down North Branch, our coach’s high school. That would be the real victory.”