Twin telepathy proves to be true

Katie Karlen

Rarely do those strange and unbelievable facts about twins turn out to be true–the Bichlers, however, fit snugly into the stereotype. Apart from being male freshmen, Cameron and Carter Bichler come close to the Tia-Tamara Mowry duo: identical twins and almost the same person.

To Cameron and Carter, telepathy offers the best rewards of being a twin. “If he is thinking something, I start to think it too,” said Carter. They both agree that their telepathy poses many opportunities for usefulness, not to mention that it entertains them too.

Not only do they appear to share thoughts, but looks as well. “Yeah we’re identical, we get mixed up a lot. Sometimes it can be really annoying, but it can be useful too,” said Cameron. “We can use [our looks] for tricks, and most of the time it’s really funny,” said Carter.

Their identical looks seem to be temporary however: Carter is currently on crutches, and once while playing mini-golf together, Carter managed to hit a stray ball hard enough to give Cameron a black-eye. “People could tell us apart for a little while,” said Carter.

Among sharing a birthday, looks and telepathy, the Bichler twins also share video-games and athletic interests. “We both play basketball, and we’re normally on the same team,” said Carter, who admitted to enjoying different sports as well. “We don’t share a room,” said Cameron, “or clothes.”

When asked about how different they are, both laughed. “We have some different friends,” said Cameron, “but we don’t have tons of differences!” Apart from Carter being older by 8 minutes, Cameron and Carter Bichler are identical twins through and through.