Student’s hobby turns serious

Student’s hobby turns serious

Senior Sarah Champeau began taking her photography career to another level when she was accidently enrolled in Digital Photography sophomore year.

Katie Karlen

From basketball to future problem solvers, dance team to math league, a hobby exists for everyone. For senior Sarah Champeau, her passion can’t be described as athletic or academic. Instead, her skills lie in preserving simple, yet unique, moments through the lens of any camera.

For Champeau, her photography originates from humble beginnings. “It all started when I used to take a disposable camera and sneak up on all my family members and get super embarrassing [pictures] of them freaking out,” said Champeau. “But really, I guess it started when I was accidentally put into digital photography sophomore year,” said Champeau.

With the community becoming more aware of her artwork––Champeau’s photography won a Scholastic Silver Key art award, and her painting a Merit award––Champeau now works on finding a place to show it. “I have some up on Flickr and am currently working on a website,” said Champeau.

Similar to how athletes favor certain moves or parts of the game, Champeau prefers some types of photography over others. “I like taking portraits. I think it’s amazing to be able to capture an emotion or something real in a person, even though it is just for an instant,” said Champeau. “I [also] take photos for the yearbook, personal views of the players…like all the sideline pictures, because I find action sport shots lame.”

When it comes to her favorite work to date, Champeau has a difficult time choosing. “Goodness I don’t know! Normally my most recent project because all the pictures are fresh to look at. But my favorites are usually the random pictures that aren’t planned,” said Champeau.

However, Champeau also describes photography as being more than a simple hobby, making her future plans different from typical medical or law school. “I’m actually planning on studying it in college, one day maybe making it big,” said Champeau.

While she does get acclaim and an occasional commission for her work, her reasons are deeper than monetary ones. “Yes, I have taken some senior pictures for friends. I got bills to pay! But most of the time, I just do it for fun,” said Champeau.