Women’s movement brought back to life

Leila Aboussir

With a name based off a well-known Shakespearean character, Reviving Ophelia boosts the self-esteem of young women throughout the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community through awareness, service, and the welcoming company of friends.

Reviving Ophelia was originally formed in 2002 when a transfer student brought the idea of a female-empowering group from her old school. Ever since, this group has attracted many members and has lifted many spirits. “I decided to join because I thought it would be a fun opportunity to meet new people and just see what this school was all about,” said returning member junior Emma Peterson.

This female-empowering group focuses on self esteem, anxiety, stress, and other female issues within a high school community. “It’s a great club to join because it’s a safe place to talk about whatever’s going on and just have fun,” said Ms. Amanda Anderson, college counselor, who works alongside science teacher Ms. Abbi Baker to lead the club.

Every year, Reviving Ophelia club members work through both the school and the outside communities on projects such as Women’s History Month in March in order to promote the strength of women everywhere. “Every year we send out Hershey kisses or make announcements to remind the school of the importance of this month,” said Ms. Anderson.

Members also enjoy spending time with one another outside of the stressful high-school atmosphere. Every now and then, they will get together as a group outside of the school to forget their worries and just have fun. “I feel like I can be myself and just act silly and goofy,” said junior Glynnis Forsberg.

The club meets every other Thursday and is open for anyone to join, any time of the year. “I want girls to realize that through Club Ophelia, you not only have the opportunity to make new friends, but you also learn a few things about yourself as well,” said Forsberg.