Junior triplets share few similarities


These three brothers goof around with each other regularly, including at school.

Jessica Nolan

Daniel, Eric, and Paul Kretsch claim they are “different in every way except for their birthday,” said by Daniel. Yet these triplets agree on many things, mainly that their relationship with each other varies from day to day.

From a young age the Kretschs enjoyed being around each other constantly. “Every day was fun because we always had a friend around,” said Paul. They especially enjoyed vacations because while most kids were stuck hanging out with their parents, they were able to enjoy each other’s company.

Just because they’re triplets doesn’t mean that they share the same brain. They are like any siblings with different feelings and personalities, and each of them holds a different role in the family. “I was born last and God said that the last should be first, and ever since then I’ve been first in everything. I’m the strongest and the most athletic,” said Paul.

Paul, Eric, and Daniel get along equally with each other, but how they communicate with one another changes everyday. “Some days I hate Daniel, but most days I hate Eric. We fight more,” said Paul.

Currently, coming from a family of five siblings––they also have a sister who is a freshman in college and a brother is a sophomore at BSM––the Kretsch triplets stay busy doing things all over the place at all times. Each of them participates in different activities from swimming, which Eric and Daniel participates in during the winter, to ping pong, which Paul has fun doing during the same season; the only activity they all participate in is the boys’ tennis team.

Even though all three Kretschs participate in different activities, they do take many similar classes. “Usually we don’t do homework together, but we do help each other study for tests,” said Eric. They all agree that when studying, three brains seem to get more done.

Other than the occasional annoyance and irritation they provide for each other, Paul, Eric, and Daniel Kretch agree that being one of three brothers makes for a great time.