Enlightenment Salon enlightens students

Katie Sisk

Some of history’s most famous and influential people, from Mozart to Marie Antoinette, visited BSM on Tuesday, Nov. 9, bringing along with them feuds, flaws, and funny stories. While very convincing in their roles, these characters were actually seniors from Ms. Kathy Green’s AP European History class for the 12th annual Enlightenment Salon.

Every year, seniors from Ms. Green’s AP Euro class dress up like various historic figures and spend the day in the library enlightening students with their historic accomplishments and fake British accents. “The purpose of it is that the students actually have to learn about these people from the enlightenment era,” said Ms. Green.

All of the students had a fun time getting in character and being someone else for the day. “Just putting my costume on…you look in the mirror and think ‘that’s not Emily Beh, that’s Olympe de Gouges,’” said senior Emily Beh.

None of the students held back while playing their roles. “It was really fun to see people in class really get into character who you wouldn’t usually think would do that,” said senior Alex Plouff, who played Marie Antoinette.

The students’ work took more than just some fancy clothes and powdered wigs though. They had to research and create a formal resume of their characters before the day of the salon. “I went to the library and sat for three hours and just researched [my character],” said senior Elisabeth Krane, who played Margaret Cavendish.

Overall, this year’s class held their own throughout the entire process. “This year’s class worked harder and did a better job overall of knowing their people,” said Ms. Green, “they stayed in character the whole time, which is really hard to do, and they did a great job.”

The Enlightenment Salon not only helps students learn, but also gives them memories that last. “[Previous students] still remember every detail and everything that happened at the salon and what they learned,” said Ms. Green.