Yearbook offers extra pages

Paige Erickson

The school year always ends with an overload of finals’ stress, summer excitement, and most importantly, the anticipation of yearbooks. A popular item in many high schools have always been yearbooks, and this year the yearbook staff is letting students personalize four full pages using their own pictures of their friends and important events.

This is Jostens’, the yearbook company, first year allowing students to be more involved in the creation of their yearbook and a select number of schools are trying it out. “We are [one of] the test schools,” said Ms. Kelli Rahn, adviser of the Sangraal yearbook.

Year after year the staff of the Sangraal try to outdo what they did in the previous book, yet there is not a large following for the new pages so far. “When looking at online sales, not a lot of people have responded yet, but I have heard many are interested,” said Ms. Rahn.

These pages will allow students to include people and events that are important to them. “I think it is a good idea, especially for seniors, because you can take pictures from all four years and incorporate them into your yearbook to make it more about you,” said editor Caroline McMahon.

Not only does the yearbook staff think the new addition is a good idea, but Ms. Rahn also agrees, for different reasons other than incorporating individuals’ memories. “The creation of the pages are up to each student, the yearbook staff doesn’t have to deal with it, that’s a bonus,” said Ms. Rahn.

The first step to get the pages is to register online for $15, and once that is done, each person has the ability to choose pictures from Facebook, determine the layout, upload pictures, and even share their pages with friends. “It is pretty easy once you have picked out the pictures you want; it all depends on how much time you want to put into [designing] it,” said editor Alexa Kubinski.

Even if students choose not to create the individual pages, they will not be at a loss. “In the back, if you don’t do the pages, you will have eight blank pages which can be used for yearbook signing,” said McMahon.