Junior Olympian skis for BSM

Winter sports such as hockey, basketball, and speech get a lot of attention. However, sophomore alpine skier Archie Boyle is catching a lot more attention for his gratifying success in races across the country, including several Jr. Olympics races.

Boyle, after skiing for BSM for the past two years, believes his love of downhill racing comes from the support and inspiration of his family. “My mom got me into skiing. She was a Hyland Hills instructor,” said Boyle. He has his own training facility where he trains for races year-round.

Given the amount of intense preparation and dedication to downhill skiing, it’s no wonder Boyle has been to several Jr. Olympics races. “I placed in the top ten in the Jr. Olympics one year. That was awesome,” said Boyle. He has also competed in Colorado, Michigan, and Oregon, and Canada.

Of all the competitions, the victories of his Jr. Olympics races have become the most satisfying moments in his career as a ski racer. “One time, I was in the qualifying rounds for the Jr. Olympics. I was having a good season in slalom, but in this one race I dominated. It was sweet,” said Boyle.

For Boyle, pre-race ritual is everything: having the correct mindset is essential before the start of any race, but personal traditions either make or break a run. “When I’m getting ready, I always put my right boot on first. Before a race when I’m at the top, I twist my poles twice in the gate, and I’ll stomp my feet a few times before I go,” said Boyle.

Aside from spending most of his time on training and racing, Boyle enjoys other activities, continuing to build up his already impressive list of accomplishments. “I also sail and play tennis. I really like chill sports,” said Boyle.

Boyle’s obvious passion for the sport has taken him through about 13 years of skiing triumphs and hardships, but he still plans to continue racing for as long as possible. “I want to be able to ski through college, at least,” said Boyle.