Honey is Minneapolis’ official sweet spot

Sam Flumerfelt, staff writer

In the heart of Northeast Minneapolis, but better known as dive bar haven, Honey bustles with people as the night life begins. Attracting the city’s night owls to experience the love, music and low-lit atmosphere, it is surprising that this popular bar has only been open for a year.

Located below the restaurant Ginger Hop, Honey possesses a hip atmosphere with a splash of romance. The lit-up, honey-comb colored bar shines in the dimly-lit lounge, while candles also illuminate each round table. Black leather couches, along with the low-hanging chandelier, certainly add a modern funk to the restaurant’s ambiance.

Every night live music infiltrates the lounge as local bands, DJs, and singers awe the flocking audiences. Some of the musical performances include different genres such as jazz music by singer Sophia Shorai, pop music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and modern hip hop. Other events that partake at Honey’s venue include private parties, spoken word, and late night dancing.

As a tapas bar, Honey provides great meals for those with a late night appetite. The most popular small plates include the mini bacon cheeseburger and the BLT sandwich. For those with a moderate appetite, the special feature of steak frites adds exceptional flavor to the Honey experience. With a primary focus on smaller dishes, Honey continues to wow customers with the pizazz of their small plate masterpieces.

Honey’s simple menu includes the chocolate lover’s dream: “Chocolate Flights.” These chocolate variety plates, from milk to dark, provide for a filling, and worthwhile, dessert. For those who tend to take the traditional approach to their dessert, the cheesecake with seasonal fruit sauce makes for a grand finale to the evening.

With prices ranging from $3 (olive medley) to $14 (steak frites), Honey definitely keeps you, your wallet, and your evening at ease.