Loss in sections ends a memorable season

Megan Pavlik

Senior Ellen Carisch finished the third and final game with a spike that the Richfield Spartans dove for and missed in the first section 6AAA volleyball match on Oct. 28. With this win, the Red Knights proceeded to the next section game on Oct. 29.

Dominating the Spartans 3-0, the Red Knights scored mainly through their spikes and defense. “[The best play] was Claire’s awesome block,” said Carisch.

The Red Knights kept an early lead through each of the games, and the third game was no different. Hayden served the first six points, while junior Megan Meskill and sophomore Sara Taffe put up a block. Carisch ended the game with a well-placed spike to make the score 25-16. “[The games] were absolutely positively awesome,” said senior Lindsay Hendrickson.

In the second game the Red Knights lagged behind, giving up the first four points to the Spartans. They came back quickly with the aid of sophomore Emma Lysne who hit five spikes and scored six points. “Our energy was low the second game,” said senior Claire Hayden.

Throughout the three games the Red Knights were exuberant, starting with their pre-game ritual. The girls, on top of the benches, sang “Here I am to Worship” at the top of their lungs. They then sang “God Bless America” with a round of “Shabooya.”

The Red Knights advanced to the section finals on Oct. 29, and were looking to defeat Hopkins who they had lost to previously. “We’re going to have to come out hard and strong, but with hard effort and working as a team we can bring them down,” said senior Hannah Corbett.

Unfortunately the Red Knights’ tournament dreams were stopped by Hopkins in their next section game, but with a record of 13 wins and 13 loses, the Red Knights still had a great season. “We came together with our new coaching staff well, and we played as a team,” said Coleman.