Soccer team continues to be a dominant force

Reily Dillon

The Red Knights proved to have an easy match-up against St. Louis Park when junior captain Johnny Mulvahill scored the first goal from 20 yards out, shutting the Orioles out and continuing the momentum to win the soccer game on September 28.

By the end of the night, BSM had put three goals in the net; the last two coming from senior Vince Beacom and junior Jake Horton respectively. “It was a big goal, giving us a two goal lead,” said Beacom, “it was a lot of fun to score on those guys because the rivalry is so intense.”

As a result of the game, the Red Knights, with a record of 11-1-1, moved up in the rankings to number two in state. “Besides one unlucky goal, we are undefeated,” said Mulvahill.

Beacom had a rebound early in the second half that ended with him putting the ball in the back of the net. “It was good to come out early in the second half and set the tone for the rest of the game,” said Beacom.

Later in the second half, Horton had his own rebound and buried it in the net putting the Red Knights up 3-0. “It is always a tough battle when we play SLP, and our team was ready for it. We came out strong and it was good to put up a few goals on those guys,” said Horton.

BSM has scored 43 goals in their last eight games, and they remain undefeated in conference play. “One of our team’s main goals this year was to win the conference and being undefeated is just a result showing our determination to accomplish our goal,” said junior Carter Eckerline.

The Red Knights have high hopes for the rest of the season. “I want to get shutouts for the rest of the regular season and win sections,” said junior Paul Graupner.

Boys’ sections will begin during the week of October 11; the Red Knights look to continue winning and hopefully make their way to the state tournament.