Students offer red carpet welcome

Shannon Cron

Receiving anywhere from 150 to 200 visitor requests per year, the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Admissions Department and junior Anna Landis––along with the other members of the Red Carpet Club––host these visitors for one school day to give them a taste of Red Knight Pride.

Red Carpet Club serves as a student ambassador program lead by Ms. Stephanie Monzon, Associate Director of Enrollment Management. “We expect members to be good role models and make prospective students feel welcome,” said Ms. Monzon. “It can be intimidating for the 6th and 8th graders shadowing.”

Red Carpet Club consists of 7th and 9th graders, and one 11th grader, Landis. “I remember my tour as a 6th grader, and that’s why I’ve stayed involved with the club,” said Landis. “I wanted to give others the same positive experience I had.”

A typical tour day consists of having a visitor attend his or her host’s classes with them during the school day, all the while answering any questions they may have about BSM. “It’s usually very good for the [prospective] students; it gives them a good view of the school,” said Landis.

The program has grown significantly since it was first developed ten years ago, due to the recent increase in visitor requests. “A lot of visitors come through the school, so we do need a lot of members,” said Ms. Monzon.

Freshman Laura Shannon and John Logger said they were drawn to the club because they wanted to play a role in bringing new kids to BSM. “You get to meet prospective students and share your BSM spirit and experience with them,” said Shannon.

In order to best pair up hosts and visitors, all Red Carpet Club applicants are required to fill out an application online, asking them questions about what classes they are enrolled in and what extra curricular activities they are involved in.

In addition to hosting visitors, members also visit feeder schools in the fall as well as act as tour guides at the BSM open house. When visiting feeder schools, members share their BSM experience with the 8th graders by discussing their favorite teachers, clubs and activities, and service opportunities.

Landis says that although she loves hosting visitors, the open houses are her favorite part about being involved in Red Carpet Club. “It is really fun to watch the parents react to how much BSM students love their school,” said Landis. “Sometimes parents are just as nervous as their kids.”

Ms. Monzon has high hopes for the upcoming year and is thrilled to have such a promising group of students. “It’s a big responsibility, but the admissions department is so grateful for all the help,” said Ms. Monzon. “It’s great that students are so enthusiastic about the program.”