Twin sisters compete side by side on varsity

Julia Weber

The confident and determined twin sisters Taylor and Paige McCleod made the BSM girls varsity tennis team this season and, as seventh graders, have won most of their matches.

The sisters, or “twisters” as the team calls them, bought their first racquets when they were only five years old, started playing competitively in tournaments at the age of eight, and they haven’t stopped playing since.

Whether it’s going to the park by their house to hit at the courts or practice in their driveway, these girls are constantly looking for ways to improve their already incredible tennis skills. “One of us stands on the driveway and the other stands in the street, and we just hit back and forth,” said Paige.

They wanted to come to BSM for the smaller class sizes and the chance to play on the tennis team, and they have found what they were looking for. So far, they have enjoyed the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community, as well as being on the team. “We are not treated as the youngest players,” said Taylor.

Both girls felt welcomed by the older players on the team. “The captains are really good leaders, and the girls are always really good about cheering,” said Taylor.

Taylor and Paige have mostly been playing doubles together this season, and Coach Dave Wolden has high hopes for them. “The girls practice at the same level as everyone else on the team; they get along great with the older girls, and they are really fun to have on the team,” he said.

While playing doubles together, the sisters have a lot of encouraging words they say to each other to stay motivated while playing a tough match: “you can do it,” “take your time,” “take a deep breath.” Taylor and Paige also high five between points because it is a way to let each other know that they will win or lose the match as a team.

Being twins, they go through several things together. Whether it’s helping one another with homework or encouraging the other sister during a difficult tennis match, they will always be there to help each other through.