Build your dream meal at the Tavern

Karen Valde, staff writer

Just down France Avenue across the street from Southdale, Tavern on France gives diners the chance to dream it, build it, and eat it by letting them design their own meal. Tavern on France represents a revolutionary restaurant that appeals to everyone.

The friendly, spirited, and pleasant atmosphere at Tavern on France includes a bar with TVs, a patio to enjoy the beautiful weather, and many booths and tables. The service also gives diners a personalized feeling. The servers want their diners to receive exactly what they want by having them create their dreams on a plate. They take anything that anyone desires, and one can trust them to have their order right.

The servers help diners start their dining experience. They give suggestions and they help them know how the menus work. The best choice, the build-your-own-menus, allow diners to build their own salads, burgers, and pizzas. These menus create an endless number of choices, where diners pick their own toppings and craft each meal to their liking. These menus can make over 200,000 pizza, 400,000 salad, and 700,000 burger combinations.

Not limited to the many pizza, salad, and burger combinations one can make from the build-your-own selections, Tavern’s menu also includes soups, sandwiches, pastas, fish, and steak. Included in the entrees are Minnesota comfort foods such as walleye fish and chips, meat loaf, and baked spaghetti.

On Sundays, Tavern on France also has build-your-own omelets as well as a brunch buffet which includes fresh carved roast beef and a pancake bar. This brunch tastes just as delicious as all the other foods so it only adds to the variety of the menu election.

In addition to having a location in Edina, the Tavern Grill, also has a location in Blaine that opened on April 20, 2010. When looking for a restaurant that gives diners freedom to choose what they dream of, great food, and outstanding service, Tavern on France is the place to go.