Asylum: disturbingly familiar

Matt Muenzberg, Staff Writer

Metal band Disturbed’s new album “Asylum,” a strong performance of everything we’ve already heard from them before, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart on September 5 by selling 179,000 copies, making it their fourth straight album to do so.

The album has Disturbed’s usual mix of singer David Draiman’s growling, dark verses and big choruses which make for good radio songs. Guitarist Dan Donegan produces a large amount of sound which really help add to their signature sound of head-banging metal with a pop-styled song structure.

Two songs stand out as the premiere songs on the album. One of the two is the title track, which sounds a lot like the title track of the last album, “Indestructible,” and the other being “Crucified,” which contains the most memorable chorus of the entire album. Asylum also features a hidden track, titled “Ishfwilf” or “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” a U2 cover.

“Asylum” lyrics contain a mix of two popular but very different topics. Songs like “Asylum” and “Serpentine” discuss a relationship gone wrong. The first single, “Another Way to Die,” and the song “Never Again” consist of social issues. Every song seems to take a crack at one of the two, making “Asylum” seem like two different albums while listened to in its entirety.

Technically the album is one of the band’s strongest, but other than that the album lacks originality and creativity and a majority of the songs could be easily confused with one another. Casual Disturbed fans will enjoy it, but hard-core fans will realize that they’ve heard it all before.