New club skates onto the scene

Karen Valde

A new group of students who worships the ice has formed at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, and they can skate circles around hockey players with their axels and double salchow jumps. For the first time this winter, the newly-formed skating club joins BSM’s list of numerous sports activities.

The skating club will be similar to other sports at BSM; they will have spirit wear, locker signs, and super fan t-shirts. Participants will also have the ability to earn a letter. “We work hard, so we wanted the ability to letter like every other athlete at BSM,” said Anna Cron.

The lettering requirements include performing in one ice show a year, participating in one competition, practicing a total of 150 hours in one year, participating of one of the three clubs listed, and passing the juvenile free skate test. The juvenile free skate test is a test that skaters take to move up to the next skill level.

The girls in skating club all have been figure skating for a minimum of six years. “We started the BSM skating club because we put a lot of time and effort into our sport,” said junior Anna Cron.

Other members are really excited to show BSM all they have worked for, too. “I am excited to get this program started because our hard work will finally pay off,” said sophomore Maggie McGill.

Unlike many other BSM sports, the skaters will practice individually because each has her own coach who is unaffiliated with BSM. However, they will meet once a month to talk about what’s going on with their own personal achievements.

The members of BSM’s skating club are also members of different local clubs: Minnetonka, Minneapolis, and Eden Prairie. To participate in BSM’s club and to be able to letter, one has to be part of one of these three clubs.

This club is open to beginners and experts alike in grades 9-12. They need to have a passion for skating and a willingness to work. With a small fee of $5 for each practice, members can get admission to the St. Louis Park Rec Center.

At the St. Louis Park Rec Center, the skaters will host a “learn to skate” day where the inexperienced and new skaters can come and learn how to skate. Learn to skate days will be held once a week and will be a time for the skaters to teach anyone eager to learn or a time for people to get a good exercise and hang out with friends.