Students are forced to actually use their lockers

Jenn Vogl

This year the switch from backpacks to lockers has most students stopping at their lockers more often due to having to carry their textbooks, folders, and notebooks by hand.

Many students have to adjust how they use their time getting to class in order to accommodate the no backpack rule. Most students stop at their locker five times a day, but there are a few students who stop at their lockers between every class.

Even though one reason for the new rule was for less clogging of the hallways, senior Veronica Randall doesn’t think that no backpacks have helped, “there are more kids going back and forth,” said Randall.

However, seniors Cat Coleman and Claire Hayden haven’t noticed any difference in the hallways. Hayden doesn’t notice any change because she doesn’t use the main hallway. “I use the back roads, like the Great Hall,” said Hayden. Even though Coleman uses the main hallway, she can’t tell if there is more crowding or not. “I haven’t noticed, but the deans say it’s better so apparently it is,” said Coleman.

Without a backpack, freshman Shalea Johnson has to stop at her locker between every class, and she has found that getting to every class on time is difficult, since they are all far apart.

Getting to her locker is hard as well. “It’s always crowded by my locker,” said Johnson, “it’s right next to a door, and people stand in front of it.”

A larger complaint about the backpack policy is that many students have carried their books in a backpack for years, and they don’t want that to change. “I had a backpack for 12 years. Without my backpack, I’ve been moved out of my comfort zone,” said senior Kyle Ribich. “My locker is pretty far from my classes. I have a lot in the basement. Going from class to my locker to the next class is hard to do in five minutes. [I] either need more time or a backpack.”

Coleman misses having everything with her. “I was so used to having my pencil case, my chapstick, and my money for lunch because I buy it everyday. Now I have to remember everything,” said Coleman

Not all students are unhappy with the switch. Hayden says she is completely adjusted. “I don’t mind,” she said, “I just go [to my classes] earlier.”