Track construction falls behind

Ethan Perushek

While BSM’s new sports facilities and fields are completed and being played on, the track remains unfinished, regardless of plans to have it completed by early September. At this point, track and field athletes are left hoping they will have a finished practice space by the time spring rolls around.

If the track isn’t finished by the end of the October, it won’t be done until the spring. “The new track was scheduled to be done by the start of the school year, but the rainy weather has kept that from happening,” said BSM’s athletic director Mr. Pettinger.

If the track is refurbished before the winter it will only be re-coated and resurfaced and will not feature any extra lanes. “There just was not enough space, because of the wetlands,” said Mr. Pettinger.

The new track will feature a new coating that will help prevent cracking and resist water. “The workers dug down deep enough to fill all the cracks that would have wound back up on surface,” said Mr. Pettinger.

The major dip in the track in the back left corner where water would not drain is now fixed, but the re-paving has not been finished. “We are really happy with the drainage after last week’s rain,” said Mr. Pettinger, “so now the athletes won’t have to run through puddles anymore.”

As BSM continues to raise money for the Raise the Red campaign, more projects will be able to be finished. The field event areas have not been repaired yet, leaving the high jump, long jump and other field sports without new facilities until this spring. “We are funding [the track] and the fields in stages,” said Mr. Pettinger.