New teacher: Mr. Groebner

Dana Buckhorn

The new Spanish teacher, Mr. Adam Groebner, heads into his first year at BSM with an open mind and a driving desire as he tries to spark a love of the Spanish Language in the minds of his high school students.

After three years of teaching grades 6 through 8 at Our Lady of Grace, Mr. Groebner wanted to experience the more advanced teaching that’s found in high school. “I was really happy at OLG; I just wanted to try high school,” said Mr. Groebner.

He was more than ready to begin his high school teaching. “I’m excited about working with older students and being in a high school environment where a lot of exciting activities are happening like pep fests and sporting events,” said Mr. Groebner.

Every day after school he makes the transformation from “Mr. Groebner” to “Coach Groebner,” coaching the girls’ swim team. Mr. Groebner’s passion for swimming developed during his high school years at Bloomington-Jefferson, and he continues to pursue this passion through coaching. “I’m really enjoying coaching; it’s a fun group of girls,” said Mr. Groebner.

Mr. Groebner is no stranger to having laptops in his classroom after working with them at OLG. “I think that [laptops] are an awesome tool for learning, and I think that Benilde is doing a great job of implementing them,” said Mr. Groebner.

As a college student at the University of St. Thomas, he had the opportunity of spending time in Spain, Chili, and Cuba, where he fell in love with the Spanish language. Mr. Groebner said,“It was very eye-opening to travel to these places especially because some of them are third-world countries.”

Mr. Groebner wants to spread his love of Spanish to his students. “Spanish is becoming a very necessary language in the U.S. and so it opens up opportunities, whether it’s job opportunities or just opportunities to communicate with others,” said Mr. Groebner.