Movement wellness gets students moving

Shannon Cron

Movement Wellness, the latest addition to BSM’s wellness program, seeks to take juniors and seniors beyond the classroom, giving them realistic access to physical activity they can use their whole lives, while also providing a break in the school day.

The program offers a wide spectrum of classes including stretching and centering, dance aerobics, archery, biking, running/walking and outside games. “I was a little apprehensive at first, but I loved it and I sweated a lot,” said senior Claire Hayden, in response to her dance aerobics class, taught by choir teacher, Mrs. Nancy Stockhaus.

Science teacher Abby Baker is teaching a Filipino dance class, which not only aims to give students a chance to be active, but to teach them about the culture of dance. “It’s a part of the world that’s small enough, so we don’t know much about it. Here, dance is about having fun, but in other cultures it means so much more than that,” said Ms. Connie Fourre, BSM’s Wellness Director.

Ms. Fourre knows that the BSM community does a good job of staying active through sports and activities, but she wants to teach them ways they can remain physically active their entire lives. “Wrestlers won’t be wrestling when they are twenty-five,” said Ms. Fourre.

Movement Wellness also provides a much-needed break in the school day. Ms. Fourre believes this will help students perform better academically because research says after being involved in some sort of movement, students will be able to learn more efficiently for the next three to four hours.

Ultimately, Ms. Fourre hopes this type of movement education will become a part of BSM’s physical education program, giving not only seniors this experience, but underclassman as well. “A wider range of activities will be offered.” said Ms. Fourre, “The new wellness Fridays are a chance for us to try out a few of them.”