Students are forced to share lockers

Leila Aboussir

The record-breaking enrollment of 1205 students this new school year, five over the school’s maximum capacity, left administration no other option than to require 17 pairs of unsuspecting students to share lockers with one of their peers for a short period of time.

Sevy Gondeck, a junior who is currently sharing his locker space with his twin brother Simon, isn’t pleased that he was put into this situation at the start of the school year. “I didn’t get to pick or choose, I just walked into homeroom the first day, and it was already assigned.”

The problem of an unbalanced student-to-locker ratio has the Benilde-St. Margaret’s community perplexed, forcing select students to openly share their already cramped locker space with another classmate for the first month of school. “I wouldn’t really mind sharing a locker if we had backpacks,” said Simon Gondeck.

Dr. Sue Skinner said that sharing lockers will only be temporary, until the new locker shipment arrives in late September. She also noted that the choosing of the lucky pairs wasn’t done randomly, and that the administration carefully picked pairs who they thought would be cooperative and would get along with one another. “Of course I would have picked [Will] Satre, everyone knows he tells the best stories!” said Jack Naughtin, who is openly dividing his locker space with Satre.

Dr. Sue Skinner also said that these new lockers are going to be added near the technology lab. Students are hoping this may be a possible benefit to the crowded hallways. But until then, these pairs of students are forced to share their limited storage freedom with a fellow classmate. “I’m excited to get my own locker,” said Simon Gondeck, “Sevy’s really annoying after class and the locker gets too crowded.”

Fortunately, Jack Naughtin does not see any annoying habits in his locker buddy, and he is able to look on the bright side of the situation. “One positive is that [Satre] leaves his gum and candy out, so I get to take it for free,” said Naughtin.

The anticipation for these new lockers is evident and within time, these generous students will finally get a space of their own. But until then, this experienced student would like to share some advice: “Make the other person put their stuff on the bottom, and put your stuff on the top. That way you won’t be late,” said Satre.