Matthias Paulus spends time in “big” America

Connor Reis

Matthias Paulus, a junior exchange student at BSM from Switzerland, traveled over 4,000 miles to go to school in America. He plays soccer, studies hard, and speaks English better than most people might expect, considering he just recently arrived in the United States.

Paulus’s reason for coming to America was simple: he wanted to go because he knew that a friend was going too.

Living in a new country brings about many changes. “[Everything] is bigger. Houses, cars, everything” said Paulus. Among the many differences between America and Switzerland, Matthias instantly noticed a change in terrain. “Everything is flat here. There are no mountains,” said Paulus.

Since Paulus started school, he has noticed the amount of stress people carry with them during the school day. “Everybody is always running around. You don’t have free time between things. In Switzerland, we take it a little bit easier and have more time for things,” said Paulus.

Like most exchange students, Paulus’s English speaking skills have greatly improved since he arrived on August 9. “I understand [English] faster, and I can respond a little bit better,” said Paulus. While he has improved his speaking, he said that he hasn’t learned too many new words.

Paulus is part of the BSM soccer team. “I play soccer, it is the same as at home,” said Paulus. He likes playing basketball at home, but he’s questioning whether or not he will play for BSM because he preferred playing with his friends in Switzerland.