Zoey and Me

Maddy Kennedy

I beamed at my little dog, Zoey, with pride. No, she didn’t do anything cute or perform a death-defying trick, but she was pulling off her new summer dress and looking super fierce. While many pet owners frown upon “canine couture,” I embrace it.

There isn’t a single person in the world that wouldn’t go “Awwww,” when they see a dog dressed up in a Halloween costume or frolicking in the dog park sporting a new Bedazzled collar. If dogs really are our best friends, don’t they deserve to be pampered?

I admit that I have a problem with shopping for my dog. Whenever I run the necessary errand to PetSmart, I tell myself that I’m just going to get dog food and leave, but somehow I end up in the accessory part of the store looking at jackets and collars, with no idea how I got there. Without even thinking, I grab $40 worth of clothing, collars, leashes, toys, treats, little hats, sunglasses and anything else that comes into my line of vision while frisking down the isle.

I like to believe that she is just as excited about these new purchases as I am, and I really hope that she is, because at the rate that I am shopping, the size of little Zoey’s wardrobe will soon rival that of Paris Hilton.

My brother, of course, is not happy. He wanted a big dog, and he couldn’t be more upset that he got Zoey, who weighs in at a whopping four and a half pounds. His masculinity seems to be insulted every time she gets a new dress, or when she puts on her newest doggie booties.

But honestly, I couldn’t care less. I still need to unload some other prizes from the car. This includes a new dog bed, assorted bows and ribbons, and a pet carrier/doggie purse, which was a must-have.

I know that if I keep this up I will eventually go broke, but I can still dream, right? If I had it my way, I would schedule a day at a doggie spa or perhaps invest in more adorable clothes. By writing this article, I realize that I may have made an enemy of a few people–including PETA– who might consider clothing a dog as animal torture, but what some may call torture, I call pampering.