Laptops for every student

Emily Busch

As technology plays a more prominent role in society, Benilde-St. Margaret’s aims to better prepare their students for the future by arming each student with a brand new laptop.

Parents, teachers, and students are excited about the new laptop program at BSM, however the program is about more than the new technology. “It’s not about the laptops; it’s about giving our students the best opportunity for learning,” said principal Dr. Skinner.

The laptop program was designed to incorporate technology into the classroom by providing teachers and students with more convenient access to computers. “We think the computers will provide students with a chance for more interactive learning. It will make more responsible students, and help them be more prepared for college,” said Dr. Skinner.

Within the classroom teachers and students are able to do things that they couldn’t do before. “The laptops make learning more convenient — students can now do multiple trials in online labs that would take too long in real labs. However if the learning is better in real life we will do it in real life,” said Dr. Skinner.

Although the potential for success is there, not all teachers have started using the computers yet. “Most teachers don’t know what to do with them yet but they seem like they want to incorporate them,” said senior Martha Hogan.

Although the laptops have great potential, there have been a few problems. “Not all students know as much about computers as we thought they would — for example some students know how to work PCs but they’ve never used a Mac in their life. We are trying to find a way to teach students more about their computers,” said Dr. Skinner.

The initial reaction of students seems to be a positive one, but the long term opinion is something already being considered. “We don’t want students to get tired of taking care of their laptops because it can be a big responsibility,” said Dr. Skinner.

The laptops already seem to be a very effective tool in the classroom. “The overall response is very positive; students seem to like the laptops, and the teachers seem happy,” said Dr. Skinner.

The laptops are not supposed to create more work for students or to make high school harder — they are supposed to provide a better opportunity for learning. “We want students to have the very best experience,” said Dr. Skinner, “because that will effect how they feel about the laptops.”