Bears defeat Red Knights in final seconds

Robby Sutherland

After starting their season 11-0, the BSM boys’ lacrosse team failed to redeem themselves from last year’s loss in section finals to their rivals, the Blake Bears. With the loud student section generating a typical homecoming football game atmosphere, this match truly lived up to its potential of being a big game.

Tied with less than a minute left in regulation, the Bears’ Jack Markusen moved his way down the field, created a shooting lane, and scored the game winning goal with just two seconds left remaining on the clock.

When the top two teams in the state go head to head in any competition, as they did on May 20 at Blake School, nerves can quickly set in for the players. “We were all really excited for the game because it was our first real competition, said senior captain Bailey Dodds. “We’ve played mostly bad teams so far.”

Confidence is a big factor for players that have to face the number one ranked team in the state, as Blake was going into the game . “We’ve played well this year and dominated just about every game,” said Dodds.

Chances are likely that BSM will face Blake one more time assuming that both the Red Knights and the Bears win their section. “We know if we want to win sections, we’re going to have to play well, possess the ball more, and have less turnovers,” said Dodds.

For the Red Knights, senior captain Ryan Butts led the way with three goals. Along with Butts, sophomore goalie Thomas Gilligan stopped 20 balls shot by Blake attackers.

Blake junior attacker George Ordway led the Bears in scoring with three goals and one assist as his team went on to outscore the Red Knights 11 to 10.

With sections escalating, the Red Knights will have a rematch against the Bears on June 3 after having a bye through the first round taking on Bloomington Jefferson. “I’m looking forward to [the game] and we’re going to make a run for [a state title], said Dodds. “With a little support from the fans, I think we can go a long way.”