Tremendous 12 – Hunter Tomlinson

Katie McClurg

Hunter Tomlinson has plenty to be boastful of, but he won’t admit that. The singer, drummer, barista, leader, volunteer, and music fiend, happens to also be described as one of the most modest and down to earth seniors this year.  His service work, talents, and experiences are unparalleled by many others, but when asked about it Tomlinson avoids recognition for his accomplishments.

Although rare, on occasion Tomlinson admits to a few achievements that he is proud of.  Beating the legendary senior rapper, Bobby Motch, freshman year in a rap battle remains an impressive feat for Tomlinson.  “Bobby was talking a lot of smack, he was convinced he was the best rapper. I proved him wrong, but I still have a lot of respect for Bobby; he has some skills,” he said.

Although evidently Tomlinson is a natural rapper, it is not his primary musical talent.  Tomlinson participates in choir at BSM and got the Choir Director’s Award, recognizing his enthusiasm in the class.

However, his real passion is playing the drums, which he has been playing for eight year, and recently got a tattoo to work on his drummer image. “I think tattoos are so cool, I just got my first one on my arm of a burning bush. I mean it definitely helps my drummer image, but that wasn’t the reason I got it at all, it has significance behind it,” said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson’s love for music is one of the reasons he was drawn to Belmont University in Nashville, where he will be attending school this fall.  “I love music and since the whole city is consumed with music, I though it would be a great fit,” said Tomlinson.

Another of Tomlinson’s passions is service work.  He has participated in numerous service activities including being a Sunday School teacher, playing the drums for his church, working with inner-city kids through an organization called Perspectives, and going on mission trips. “One of the coolest things I’ve done was playing the drums for a worship band during a mission trip. We played all over Mexico city in some pretty big music festivals, it was amazing,” said Tomlinson.

In addition to traveling through mission trips Tomlinson has done a lot of traveling around the world with his family. He enjoys being exposed to other cultures and this spring break he went to the Caribbean on a sailing trip. “It was just fun to see how some people live, everything is so much more chill and laid back. I can see myself living [in the Caribbean] some day,” said Tomlinson.

Although he is unsure of what he will major in at Belmont University, and is unsure about future career plans, Tomlinson looks forward to starting school and seeing where he ends up. “I have no idea what I want to do, but I think thats ok. I am just going to focus on enjoying the ride and I’ll see where the road takes me,” he said.