Irish-American cuisine in St. Louis Park

Emily Busch

Located on 16th Street and Park Place Boulevard in the new West End development, this upbeat restaurant serves lunch and dinner every day and brunch on Saturday and Sundays starting at 10 a.m. Cooper Pub and Restaurant is similar to a laid-back Cheesecake Factory; red curtains hang from the ceiling, mismatched chairs surround the mismatched tables, and music plays in the background.

The menu contains all the classic favorites: burgers, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. Each entrée costs about $10, a very reasonable price for the food, both Irish and Classic American. “Some customer favorites include the chicken shots, the sundance salad, and the steak and mushroom pie,” said restaurant manager Chris McKelvey.

The ham and turkey sandwich is packed full of meat with white cheddar cheese melted on the top and placed in sourdough bread, it is served with dijon mustard and a side of fries. For a more traditional meal, the Cooper burger is a half-pound patty served with Irish white cheddar melted on top with lettuce, tomato and red onion placed on a toasted bun, and served with fries. The chicken cheddar chopped salad makes a great lunch, made with chopped romaine, Irish white cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, egg, bacon, and chicken, then tossed in herbed vinaigrette dressing.

The restaurant has an interesting background story, designed to replicate Ireland’s Cooper Pub of the 1800s. A lavishly decorated Irish pub used primarily for formal events, this club gained popularity by the common people and was used as a model for Cooper Pub and Restaurant. The restaurant’s private room has windows that open to the bar, curtains hanging from the ceiling, and walls painted with murals. Aside from four cabinets, the pool table, and the television sets, almost all the furniture originates from Ireland.

Close to school and with reasonable prices, Cooper’s Pub makes a great place to go with friends for lunch or dinner. Whether you’re going for the food or to enjoy the history, this Irish-American restaurant provides the unique environment as well as classic American food.