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The student news site of Benilde-St. Margaret's School in St. Louis Park, MN

Knight Errant

The environment is in jeopardy

Where will we actually be in 100 years? Will we have sucked dry all our natural resources, battled societies over water, watched countries become a modern-age Atlantis from rising sea levels, drive millions of creatures to the precipice of extinction, or as a civilization, completely turn against ourselves?  I fear the future because, despite constant denial to believe otherwise, it’s not looking so good.

The environment  is in jeopardy. I know what you’re thinking, yet another article targeted towards our fluctuating environment; however, this article isn’t riddled with statistics, nor situational theories about global meltdown. Simply, this is a plea for attention. For years now, the U.S. and countries around the globe have made it so curbing the effects of environmental destruction are simply unimportant. Instead of doing the opposite, it has become a sort of pasttime  to sweep the threat of Global Warming out of public opinion, and the people usually holding the broom our own political parties. It still boggles me that the U.S. is second behind China as top polluter across the globe, and yet our legislation for capping green house gases is still parked in neutral.

Does the word bipartisanship exist any longer? Getting along is so much simpler than a continuous divide. The world is at odds with facing the reality of our steaming planet, and yet we can’t come to a consensus because the world functions on money. Conservative driven Big Coal is so bent on not allowing their coal industry to see lose and therefore, have launched a public crusade against any sort of climate and energy bill that may pass. This booming demand for coal across the globe continues to get more aggressive. By 2020, the Appalachian Mountains and Australia could be sucked dry from hungry, over-populated nations.

Baby-boomers wanted money, success, and all the riches of the world. Generation X simply let the baby-boomers continue to operate the world. And our generation, well, how can we be defined? The tragedy of that question is complete uncertainty. We could end up becoming a mass landfill; we’re  all the world’s  problems are dumped on our laps for disposal. Or, we could be the ones who start a mass rebellion targeted towards all the broad-shouldered companies and careless legislators, antagonists of any attempts to mend the horrible state of our environment.

I’m hoping for the latter. Maybe then everyone will wake up, put the earth at the forefront of their minds, and stop taking advantage of the necessary and the beautiful. Hoax? Come to your senses and feel the smog. Can we have a functioning economy in a ravaged environment? We can’t.

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Comments (3)

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  • S

    Someone actually educated on environmentNov 12, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Is this first comment for real? If it is, spelling errors and sexism are not really helping your case. Wealth is not infinite, neither are natural resources. Both the economy and humanity’s interractions with the environment need to be sustainable, or we will end up with rising sea levels and another recession. You should really read Thomas Friedman’s book, Hot Flat and Crowded. And yes, the ice caps are melting. The people who think they are not are usually not the scientists, but pundits and people who want to spin the science.

    Regardless of how imperative you believe climate change to be, you must agree that humanity has to take better care of the environment. The excessive chemical use and waste production is destroying the earth and finally coming back to hurt humans in the form of persistant organic pollutants and a myriad of other toxins and pollutants.

    Taking care of the environment should not longer be political issue. Learn your facts from a scientist, not a politician.

  • A

    AnonymousSep 21, 2010 at 3:24 am

    Just like this article was an opinion, so is yours. You can say all you want about it, but don’t sound arrogant for letting someone else rightfully express what their view is.

  • P

    patriot DynamiteJun 15, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Please, please, please!!! Extinction is a natural process and has been happening for millennia. Our natural resources are not being depleted! We have plenty of coal, natural gas and yes oil. Don’t buy into “peak oil.” Read what Dimitri Mendelev had to say about abiogenic oil. The Ruskies have been using his theory to find oil. We have trillions of cf of natural gas on our continental shelves. We have hundreds of billions of barrels of oil on our continental shelves and yes, in the Gulf of Mexico where the environmental screwballs have forces us to go into “deep” water to drill. Do you think BP wanted to drill in 5,000 ft. of water? Hell no they didn’t. 50 or 100 ft would have been a much more friendly environment in which to drill.

    The sea levels are not rising, the polar caps are not melting, everytihng is cyclic, we will be enteriing a cooling period or little ice age soon and Al Gore will be shown to the world as the fool many of us know he is. The sky is not falling yet we need to clean up the oil in the gulf and reclaim as much as possible. It has been done all over the world except with Barack Hussein Obama who hates America, has captialism and the success and prosperity it has brought to billions instead he wants to use this crisis in the gulf to push his wacked job enviro agenda that will kill our economy.

    You look like a young lady. Wake up before your generation is biking to work and reading by candle light while living in a high rise village courtesy of maxist BHO. Economies are not zero sum systems. There is wealth to be created it is not finite. Do you want the govt and the new world order and the UN to control your life and are you willing to live under Sharia law? As a woman I would guess not.

    Wake up kiddos and defeat these control freaks whose design is to use you for their political pawns, ruin the economy and then hand out worthless govt checks so you will vote them back ihto office.

    Remember the old soviet uniion? Everyone had a job but there was no prosperity so they all drank vodka every night. Is that what you want here? The destruction of America for you, your children (if you have any) and your future grandchildren?

    Wake up, don’t be a useful idiot.


    Patriot Dynamite

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The environment is in jeopardy