Bilski competes using piano talent

Aimee Brown

Selected for his talent in piano, sophomore Adam Bilski is playing with 19 other students at the Minnesota Music Teacher Association (MMTA) Honors Concert this June.

This will be Bilski’s third year winning this award and playing for an MMTA Honors Concert. “I won three years ago and two years ago, and then I was an alternate last year,” said Bilski.

Playing for this event is a huge deal. “There’s 20 winners in my level and I was one of them so we go on and we play at Northrop Auditorium with 20 pianos on the stage in front of like 10,000 people,” said Bilski.

Bilski has been playing the piano since he was four years old and has skipped two levels along the way, allowing him to play with students two years older than him. “As you keep winning you go into the higher level up the next year,” said Bilski.

There are only two levels left for Bilski to conquer before he has reached the highest level. “I’ve won at Intermediate B and there’s only two higher than that so then there’s Senior A and Senior B. And I’m going to be doing that next year,” said Bilski.

Bilski is unsure whether he wants to continue all the way to the level of Senior B, knowing that golf is his main priority, but reaching that stage is a sign of prestige. “That’s the top, that’s the end kind of. [For] a lot of those kids, that will be their career, they will be putting on shows and stuff because they’re really good,” said Bilski.