Target Field a big hit in the Twin Cities

Rachel Kaplan

Few times in Minnesota Twins history has the team started out the season so strong, with a 14-7 record against some of the arguably best teams in baseball. It is hardly a coincidence that with the Twins’ unprecedented performance comes the ultimate new ballpark–Target Field–combining a spectular view of the Twin Cities skyline, more than comfortable amentities, and state-of-the-art technology.

When Target Field was inaugurated on opening day against the Boston Red Sox on April 12, it became clear to many skeptics that the $545 million price tag was more than worth it. Designed with many of the nation’s top ballparks in mind, including Fenway Stadium in Boston and PNC Park in Pittsburg, Target Field undoubtedly bests the Metrodome by ten-fold.

The concourse, which is twice as wide as the Metrodome’s, gives fans a 360-degree view of the park while perusing the many shops and food stands. With five levels of seating, Target Field provides great views of the field and Minneapolis skyline from anywhere in the park. The light rail station has also been incorporated directly in the stadium, providing fans with a convenient and fun way to enter the park.

Target Field boasts many impressive features as well, including extremely comfortable padded Legends seats as well as many other wooden-backed seats throughout the nearly 40,000 seat stadium. The new scoreboard, fourth largest in the major leagues, is certainly nothing to scoff at, a high definition screen spanning 101 by 57 feet.

Though weather has undeniably been a concern–with the regular season beginning in early April– if this year is any indication, temperatures will usually be bareable early in the season. The stadium features warming stations to take care of especially cold game days and a canopy that covers much of the stadium to protect fans from the elements. Any less-than-spectacular days will undoubtedly be made up for with the already experienced gorgeous, sunny 75-degree days, where watching outside baseball is un-paralleled.

For those sorely disappointed with the lack of “dome dogs,” Target Field offers a wide variety of culinary options as well, from multiple sit-down restaraunts, walleye fingers, Murray’s steak sandwhiches, and numerous items on a stick from the State Fair booth.

While tickets may be hard to come by, especially on beautiful Minnesota summer days, fans will be delighted with the newest edition to downtown Minneapolis and the Twins franchise. Truly combining the best aspects of ballparks across the country with unique local touches, Target Field will provide a one-of-a-kind experience to fans who have been waiting decades simply for some good ole outdoor baseball.