Healthy snacks in Spirit Shop

Emily Busch

The new Wellness class has started to make some positive changes in the school. One of the most recent alterations is the healthy snacks like LUNA Bars, Cliff bars, trail mix, dried fruit and other options, that are now sold in the Spirit Shop.

The seniors in the first semester wellness class are the ones who started the idea of adding healthy snacks in the Spirit Shop. “Although the ideas came from the seniors everybody gets to benefit,” said wellness teacher, Ms. Connie Fourré.

Many students like having the alternative of eating healthier, but they would like to have more options. “There is not a wide enough selection, but things are moving in the right direction. It’s a start,” said junior Emma Forschler.

However, finding healthy snacks that can be sold for a reasonable price is difficult. “I am trying to find snacks that we can sell for $0.75, $1, $1.50 or $2, but that are also low in fat and packaged individually so it’s not easy,” said Ms. Fourré.

Students in Wellness continue to talk about possible changes and ways to make the system more successful. “I wish we could buy them with our ID cards because I don’t always have money with me,” said junior Hailey Hansen.

Ms. Fourré is happy with the progress she is making within the school. “I think it’s a great start, change comes slowly,” said Ms. Fourré.

The addition of the healthy snacks has been a positive experience for many students. “So far they have done a great job to accommodate all the different ideas,” said junior Hannah Corbett.

The Spirit Shop moms also think that the new snacks are beneficial to the students. “I think the healthy snacks are great. People stop in for a snack before practice and now they have better options,” said Spirit Shop mom, Mo Shaver.