“Remember Me”: seen before plot, but supported by a talented cast

Sam Thomas

As the film reached its climax, I was shocked, not from the content of the movie, but in coming to the realization that Robert Pattinson can actually act when supported by the right cast. Allen Coulter’s “Remember Me” proves itself to be a simple romance for swooners with an iconic ending whose heartbreak and significance far eclipses the rest of the movie.

“Remember Me” is a typical love story about a New York City couple looking for hope in the midst of family troubles. Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) falls for Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) under unexpected circumstances, and Pattinson’s work as the troubled protagonist in this film makes their love charming and unique.

Ally suffers in her home life with her ill-tempered father Sgt. Neil Craig, (Chris Cooper) who is an alcoholic. Her problem, along with Tyler’s family problems create a touching storyline throughout the movie; however, it lacks any real timeline or plot development.

Though the film has been receiving mixed-to-negative reviews, it illustrates a tangled mess of family and friends that engulfs the lovers’ lives. Ruby Jerins plays Tyler’s younger sister, Caroline, which is his only reason to stay connected to his family.

Tyler has a deep hatred for his business-minded father Charles (Pierce Brosnan), after it is believed that his lack of care had a great impact on Tyler’s brother’s suicide. From here on, Ally helps Tyler deal with these problems, and their love seems even stronger because of the obstacles they face.


An exciting and heart-wrenching twist comes into the movie, when the September 11th attacks happen in New York City. Through this the audience sees the pain that NYC witnesses and passerbys suffered from seeing these towers fall, and losing people they love.

Though mediocre and simple throughout the majority of the film, the ending throws you for a loop and leaves a picture in the mind that is not easily forgotten.