Pricy desserts well worth it at Wuollet’s

Alana Profit

Wuollet’s offers traditional bakery eats like freshly baked bread and doughnuts, but the classic desserts are where this bakery excels. The Princess torte, for example, looks like it jumped off the screen of “Princess and the Frog,” complete with lime green marzipan and topped with a hand-crafted marzipan rose. They’re a little on the pricey side, but the raspberry filling makes you forget about the extra expense.

However, Wuollet’s best offering isn’t something edible, it’s the recipes that are available for customers to take home. Their most popularly requested recipe is the Brownie Enormous, which is quite large, and the recipe, which can also be found on their website, is idiot-proof. There aren’t too many secrets about their creations––they’re just high quality, homemade, and simply delicious.

With five locations that make it accessible to students from all around the metro area, including four located on Metro Transit bus routes, Wuollet Bakery is an ideal stop for students who are constantly running to and fro.